PBS Lumber

I have worked with Ed Wheat in an industrial environment for almost eight years. I find it easy to describe him in a single phrase - consummate professional.
Ed is dedicated to the electrical profession and he executes based on that dedication. Whether it is knowledge of the National Electrical Code to ensure the public safety or the look of multiple runs of conduit you can be sure that he takes the time to do it right every time. His work is done safely and he will never endanger his clients, his crew or himself.
He provides a one stop shop in the electrical field. He can run conduit, pull wire, terminate and check out. He can accurately plan from a set of drawings. He prioritizes well - you will never see a crew costing hundreds of dollars an hour waiting for twenty-five dollars worth of wire or fittings.

He is well versed in the art and science of process control including specification, construction, modification, maintenance and troubleshooting. He has practical, in-depth experience with multiple brands of programmable logic controllers, variable frequency drives, DC drives and all types of field devices and sensors.
His skills as a Master Electrician are leveraged by his mechanical knowledge. His time spent managing a facility maintenance department has taught him to view the situation from a larger perspective. As a consequence, he makes better troubleshooting and controls decisions and you will never see electrical work completed in such a way as to impede a mechanical system.
I have no hesitation in recommending Ed for any kind of electrical work. I am sure that if you choose to see for yourself, you will be as impressed as I have always and continue to be.


Darcy Lefsrud
Engineer/Partner, PBS Lumber

Wärtsilä North America

I have worked with Ed Wheat at two different companies. At Louisiana-Pacific, I was a Capital Project Manager and Ed was the mill Electrical Supervisor. He represented the mill's electrical interests on a multi-million dollar equipment replacement project that I was managing. At PBS Lumber, I was the Production Engineer and Ed did some contract electrical work for us and then later, was the Maintenance Superintendent.
Ed has always done good work for me. If I ever needed someone to look over a bid, to do a design, or just to provide an opinion on something electrical, Ed was always there to provide the information that I needed.
Ed has a very "can do" attitude. He has always indicated that there wasn't anything that couldn't be accomplished given sufficient time and resources.

Ed always works safely. He watches out for himself, those working for him, and is aware of the safety consequences of the work that he does. He is also careful with other people's money. He does not like to spend money unnecessarily and so you can be sure that he will only specify things that are required to maintain code and to deliver whatever results his customer wants.
I would recommend Ed for any kind of electrical work.


Anna Jarowicz
Mechanical Project Engineer, Wärtsilä North America

Louisiana Pacific Corporation

As a former employer of Ed Wheat, I would give the highest recommendation to this person due to his work ethic, attention to detail, and honesty. He would never give up on a problem, but chase it until resolved and closure put to it. His creativity in solving problems and cutting costs are most impressive.

Ed was a valued employee and co-worker for many years, if the logistics were better for him working in this area, I would not hesitate for a moment to use him in any capacity including, electrical design, construction, and programming.


Don Roark
Plant Manager, Carthage TX
Louisiana Pacific Corporation

Nelson Pool Care

Wheat Electric has been the most reliable, prompt, thorough, and reasonably priced electric company I've ever worked with. After starting my swimming pool business and maintenance company in 2009, I've used, and will continue to use Wheat Electric for the forseeable future.

Not only has their work been completed in a timely manner, it also manages to stay aesthetically pleasing, which is a major plus in my line of work. I will continue to recommend Wheat Electric to any and every one in need of a professional electrical service.


Cameran Nelson
Owner of Nelson Pool CAre

Habitations Construction

I am a residential contractor working in the Texas Hill Country. Ed Wheat is my go-to for all of my electrical needs. Whether it's a new build to wire or a pesky remodel with lots of quirks and challenges to overcome, Ed and his crew have consistently produced for me.
These guys are professional, trustworthy and reliable, not to mention licensed and insured. I will not take a chance when it comes to electric work. Too much depends on it. That is why I use Wheat Electric.


Doug Hain
Owner of Habitations Construction